The Enigmancer has the highest MP of all the classes, but its magic power is lower than that of the Elementalist. The Enigmancer Personal skill IFF (Identifying Friend or Foe) is extremely helpful, especially when enemies and allies are bunched together, as this skill will keep you from accidentally healing foes or damaging allies.

Devastate Non elemental magic that targets everything within 2 HEXes of the caster.
Protect Increases the DEF and MGR of the targeted character.
Dispel Cures all negative ailments of the target.
Prevent Lowers the magic success rate of the target.

Personal Skills
Enigmancer Eqp. Allows you to equip Enigmancer weapons and armor.
Caution Raises the HP ratio to go into critical condition mode sooner.
IFF Prevents damaging allies or healing enemies with magic.
Extend Extends any positive status effects for 3 turns.
Levitation Damage normally incurred on poisonous terrain and molten ground is nullified.