The Strider is probably the most mobile of the job classes and has the highest AIM and CLM parameters. Off-setting these advantages are low defense parameters and, when equipped with a bow, the inability to attack adjacent HEXes. The Strider is best suited for battlefields with extreme differences in height between areas as they can inflict heavy damage with a bow and arrow from higher ground.

Swift Shock Physical attack that raises the RFX of the caster until the next turn.
Drop Kick The lower the target's height the stronger the physical damage of this attack. Ignores flight status.
Mesmerize Lowers the AIM of all targets within 3 HEXes of the caster.
Trail Every time the target moves, the caster will also move and close in on the target.

Personal Skills
Remove Trap Automatically disables any traps on the current HEX.
CLM Up CLM parameter increased.
Strider Eqp. Allows you to equip Strider weapons and armor.
Aim +25% AIM parameter is increased by 25%.
Critical Rate Up Critical hit rate is increased.