The Grappler is one of the most unique and entertaining job classes to use in battle, especially when equipped with various skills learned from other classes. Heavy Throw and Item Toss are especially useful as both can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. The Grappler has incredibly high VP and lightweight Grappler-specific armor and weapons, allowing them to engage in long drawn-out battles. While this class has some incredibly useful skills and abilities, its overall parameters are mediocre at best, so use caution when throwing this class on the front lines.

Heavy Throw A physical throwing attack.
Ground Slam A physical attack that picks up and slams the target to a selected HEX.
Item Toss Inflicts damage using a throwing item.
Transport Picks up a target and moves them to another HEX without inflicting damage.

Personal Skills
Accelerate Randomly increases the accumulated RFX value at the end of the casters' turn.
Grappler Eqp. Allows you to equip Grappler weapons and armor.
Red Zone Move unit to the top of the turn list when HP is in critical condition.
Throw Range Up The range of throwing weapons is increased.
VP +25% VP parameter is increased by 25%.