Although this job class's overall status parameters aren't very impressive, the support benefits the Fantastica job class brings to the party far outweighs their apparent vulnerability. It is also worth noting that having a Fantastica in your battle party can increase the effects of Formation and Combination Arts.

Originals [Support]
Slow Down Lowers the target's RFX. Cannot be used after moving.
Feeble Mind Reduces the target's MP. Cannot be used after moving.
Invoke Raises the target's accuracy, critical hit rate, and chance of random skill activation to 100% until the end of the target's next turn.
Rush Allows all Originals to be used after moving, including those which normally cannot be used after movement.

Personal Skills
Fantastica Equip. Allows the unit to equip Fantastica equipment.
Zone Effect Increases the AIM and EVA of adjacent allies, and reduces the AIM and EVA of adjacent enemies.
Arts Support Increases damage done by Formation and Combination Arts.
CSP Up Increases CSP (Class Skill Points) gained after battle.
Object Attack Allows the unit to move blocks and destroy barrels with the Attack command.