The Gadgeteer is the job class that specializes in item use and also is the only class that can use support items on others. The Gadgeteer has the ability to extend the range a single item can be used, allowing them to use one item on several party members at one time. This makes them ideal not only for healing and curing ally units, but also valuable as offensive and support units depending on what kind of items they have in hand.

Originals [Mystic]
Mystic Extends the range of item effects.

Personal Skills
Gadgeteer Eqp. Allows the unit to equip Gadgeteer equipment.
Decelerate Reduces the target's RFX counter when attacking.
Item Effect Up Increases the effect of items.
Item Range Up Allows the unit to use items on other units.
Item Carry Up Increases the number of items the unit can equip.