This class boasts the highest DEF parameter of all the job skills and is an expert at inflicting physical damage. In addition, this job class possesses the "ZOC Effect" skill which lowers enemy unit's mobility. Although the Sentinel class has a low turn rate, its ability to absorb and dish out damage makes it the perfect choice to put out in the front of any attack formation.

Originals [Defense]
Heavy Strike A physical attack which knocks back the target 1 HEX space when the target unit's WGT parameter is less than the attacking unit's.
Allowance Physical attack that reduces the target's HP to 1. Can only be used when wielding a one handed weapon that attacks adjacent HEXes.
Force Field Cannot be affected with damage or negative status until the caster's next turn.
Amplifier Raises the physical damage of the caster's next attack.

Personal Skills
Anti-Knockback Cannot be affected by knock back effects.
ZOC Effect Lowers the mobility of enemy characters in adjacent HEXes.
DEF +25% +25% to the DEF parameter.
Sentinel EQ. Allows you to equip Sentinel weapons and armor.
Defender Takes a physical attack in place of a party member in an adjacent HEX.