Sacred Slayer
A job class specializing in support magic and dealing with the undead, the Sacred Slayer is a valuable addition to any battle party, especially when the need for healing magic or zombie extermination arises. In addition, its Extension skill allows the Sacred Slayer to cast spells over a wide area, increasing its value even more. This job possesses an incredibly high resistance to magic attacks, but its weakness against physical attacks makes positioning this job class in the back lines imperative.

Originals [Sanctity]
Heal Restores HP. Amount of HP restored depends on the casting unit’s MAG parameter.
Sanctify Attack magic that is especially effective on undead enemies.
Fragile Lowers target’s DEF and MGR parameters.
Turn Shift Switches the turn of the target and the caster. RFX of the caster is raised until his next turn.

Personal Skills
Sacred Slayer EQ Allows you to equip Sacred Slayer weapons and armor.
Crisis RFX Up RFX increases when a party member is in critical condition.
Damage Recovery Sometimes restores HP when unit takes damage.
RES +25% +25% to the MGR parameter.
Widespread Extends the area of magic spells intended for single targets.