When it comes to scavenging a battlefield for useful items, this class can’t be beat. While this class has fairly low offensive capabilities, the Excavator possesses high MOV and RFX parameters. Adding other skills to this class and increasing their combat prowess can be a great strategic move.

Originals [Exploration]
Analyze The target’s detailed parameter is shown on the status screen.
Detect Scouts the surrounding area and finds hidden items and enemies.
Switch The Gem and Gem Block is switched. When used on an enemy character, the targets’ HP and the MP is switched around.
In & Out Use 1 turn to change the items in the player inventory.

Personal Skills
Attack High/Low The weapon range is extended when shooting upward or down.
Gella Bonus The gella received during battle is increased when finishing off an enemy.
Item Bonus Randomly receive an item upon delivering the finishing blow.
Excavator EQ Allows you to equip Excavator weapons and armor.
Randomly find items after moving Discover Item.