This class has the unique ability to see ‘ley points’, which are elementally-charged areas that occasionally appear on the battlefield. When present, the Geomancer can manipulate ley points, going so far as to extend their effect over an entire battlefield.
When ley points are present, the Geomancer’s abilities can turn the tide of battle. However, if there are no ley points present, the Geomancer’s usefulness is minimal at best.

Originals [Ley Power]
Translate Can warp travel between the same elemental ley points.
Replace Switches the current position of the caster and target.
Shut Out Shut out entry and exit from the targeted HEX.
Ley Spread Expands the elemental attribute of the ley point occupied by the Geomancer to the entire battlefield.

Personal Skills
Ley Attack The elemental attribute of the ley point that the caster is currently located in is added to the attack.
Move & Heal HP HP healed after moving.
Geomancer EQ Allows you to equip Geomancer weapons and armor.
Ignore Move Cost The movement cost of battle terrain is ignored.
Crisis MOV Up When an ally is in critical condition, the MOV and CLM parameters are increased.