A unique class that can only move in straight lines. Although the Berserker is limited in the directions it can move and has a low CLM rating, its high MOV parameter makes it an ideal choice for battlefields consisting of flat terrain. The Berserker's Originals skills are incredibly powerful and in certain circumstances this class can be even more powerful than the Secutor class.

Charging Thrust Physical attack on the target directly aligned straight ahead from the caster. The further the target the more damage inflicted. Can only be used when equipped with a spear.
Sonic Boom The caster dashes in a straight line and attacks the HEXes on both sides. If the target is located on an elevated position, the attack will be ineffective. Can only be used when equipped with a spear.
Quick Step Increases the MOV and CLM parameters.
HP Burst Triples the caster's current HP if successful, HP is reduced to 0 if it fails.

Personal Skills
Move & Heal MP MP is recovered after moving.
Penetrator An attack that will go through field objects.
Berserker Eqp. Allows you to equip Berserker weapons and armor.
EXP Up EXP earned from battle is increased.
MOV Up The MOV parameter is increased.